Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FT Special Report Says LLM Degree "Gains Favour as Financial Crisis Bites"

The Financial Times, the London-based business newspaper with a global readership, is often at the forefront reporting on new trends in business and the professions. Recently, in a special report entitled, "Global Legal Education" (Nov. 23, 2009), the FT reported:
"Long considered an extra string to a lawyer's bow, the LLM or Master of Law programme is increasingly seen as a productive alternative for those seeking work or facing imminent redundancy, and gives practitioners seeking promotion or a move the edge in readiness for the recovery."
The special report went on to state:
"The [LLM training, especially at U.S. law schools] can prove particularly valuable to practitioners from civil law jurisdictions who are advising on cross-border deals as it can give them an insight into American law and business culture..."
It can also be observed that programs that attract large numbers of foreign students -- such as the DU program -- offer an even richer experience for American students, who have the opportunity to learn from their colleagues. This year, for example, the DU graduate program includes students from 12 different countries, thus underscoring the fact that studying at DU is valuable for foreign students and U.S. students alike. And we are thrilled to have all of them here in Denver.