Friday, December 21, 2012

Colorado First in LEED Ranking

The annual Resource Rich Colorado report was released earlier this month by the Colorado Energy Coalition. The report measures Colorado's competitive position in oil, natural gas, coal, renewable energy and sustainability. It listed Colorado first in LEED-certified building square footage per capita.

Chris Hansen, director of product management for energy at IHS and chair of the CEC's Competitive Analysis Committee said in a news release, "While many states are typically strong in either fossil fuels or renewables, Colorado is fortunate to have rich and abundant resources in both aspects, making it an energy leader in the United States and worldwide."

The study also ranks Colorado fourth in installed solar capacity, fifth in natural gas production, and ninth in installed wind capacity. "The study shows that Colorado's abundant natural resources, aggressive policies, growing energy employment, and industry leadership make it an attractive state for new and expanding energy companies," the CEC said.

You can find the executive summary of the report here, and the full report here.

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant