Friday, July 29, 2011

"Towards Sustainable Companies: Identifying New Avenues" Conference in Oslo, Norway, Features Strong Denver Law Contingent

Denver Law Professor Celia Taylor, Adjunct Professor Anita Halvorssen, and Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy LLM Graduate Diego Parravicini will chair panels at an upcoming conference at University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, on August 29-30, 2011.

"Towards Sustainable Companies: Identifying New Avenues" is an international conference bringing together researchers from all over the world to discuss these important issues. How can we find new and fruitful avenues to make companies and thereby our economies sustainable?

“Business as usual is arguably unsustainable," the three DU-affiliated individuals said. "We urgently need to alter the direction of our businesses towards a balance between achieving profit and contributing to social development within the non-negotiable ecological boundaries of our planet. Climate change is the case in point for the Sustainable Companies project. The project is dedicated to the development and refinement of efficient tools to realize the significant potential within companies to make independent, creative and active contributions to mitigate climate change."

The panels that the three will chair are:
  • "Case Studies on Human Rights and Environmental Law," Dr. Halvorssen
  • "Corporate Governance, Shareholder Primacy, and Fiduciary Duties," Professor Taylor
  • "Corporate Social Responsibility, Codes, Accounting and Reporting," Mr. Parravicini
The Sustainable Companies Project at the University of Oslo Faculty of Law invites scholars from different branches of academia, practitioners and decision-makers from business and government to participate in a high-level discussion of these questions, in a multi-jurisdictional and cross-disciplinary context.

Professor Celia Taylor, who teaches about "Securities Regulation," "Business Law," and "Corporations and Corporate Governance," Adjunct Professor Anita Halvorssen, who teaches "Sustainable Development" and "Trade and Global Climate Change Law and Policy," and Diego Parravicini, a 2009 LLM graduate and now an attorney with the Buenos Aires-based firm of Beccar Varela, are members of the Sustainable Companies Project hosting the conference.

Individuals interested in registering for the conference should click here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Denver Law JD and LLM Graduate Alyson Meyer Gould Begins as Associate Attorney With Holsinger Law, a Boutique Natural Resources Firm in Denver

Alyson Meyer Gould, a 2010 JD Denver Law graduate and a 2011 Denver Law Environmental and Natural Resources Law LLM graduate, has joined the Holsinger Law firm as an associate in Denver.

Holsinger Law is a boutique natural resources law firm that specializes in lands, wildlife, and water law.

Ms. Gould studied biology at Bucknell University before coming to Denver Law. She distinguished herself as a top student while at Denver Law, earning the Outstanding LLM Student of the Year in 2011 for achieving the highest overall grades in the program. She also was recognized for the highest grades in Hazardous Waste Law and International Environmental Law.