Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Solar Energy Project Assists Affordable Housing in Denver

Last April, Namaste Solar Electric Inc  began installation of solar power systems in 387 affordable housing buildings in Denver. The $10 million solar power project is part of a 2.5 megawatt, 20 year power purchase signed by the Denver Housing Authority. This is one of the largest solar panel installations within the Denver metro area. Within those 387 buildings, 668 units will benefit from the solar power. Denver Housing Authority will buy the solar power at slightly less cost than what Xcel Energy Inc had been charging and the yearly rate increase will also be lower than Xcel's. The Denver Housing Authority’s project is partnered with Namaste Solar Electric Inc, of Boulder, Oakleaf Energy Partners and Enfinity America Corporation.

A similar solar power system installation in Denver was brokered by the Denver Public School system in 2010. However, heir two power-purchase agreements were only 1.8 and 1.2 megawatts in 16 and 12 schools respectively.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock stated: “The Denver Housing Authority continues to serve as an aggressive leader in revitalizing Denver’s inner-city communities. Developing smart, sustainable residential sites clearly makes them an outstanding example of the stewardship that makes us a leader in energy-conscious cities.”

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant