Friday, June 1, 2012

Renewable Energy Award Given to Professor K. K. DuVivier, Who Teaches Energy Law at Denver Law

Recently, the The Renewable Energy and Sustainable Design in Buildings Award was presented to Professor K.K. DuVivier and her husband, Lance Wright. The award is given by the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES).  It honors building owners, builders and construction companies for innovative uses of renewable energy in buildings.

The home of Professor DuVivier and her husband was built following Passive House super-insulation and passive solar principles. The house produces more energy than it consumes and does not require a furnace or air conditioning. For more information about the house, follow this link.

Don Smith, Director of Denver Law's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, said, "It is a great pleasure to congratulate Professor DuVivier and Lance Wright since they really live the type of life they espouse.  Their leadership on energy issues is inspiring to students, faculty, friends, and all those who are interested in a world that is looking for new energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions."
Bill Ritter Jr, 41st governor of Colorado (on left) presents
award to Professor DuVivier and Lance Wright at
the World Renewable Energy Forum in Denver.