Friday, September 30, 2011

Colonel Jan M. and Marjorie G. Laitos Scholarship for 2011 Awarded to MRLS Student Yewande Adeyemo

Yewande Adeyemo, a Denver Law Masters in Resource Law Studies graduate student, has been awarded the 2011 Colonel Jan M. and Marjorie G. Laitos Scholarship.

Established in 1997, this scholarship supports students of outstanding merit who demonstrate a sincere commitment to the study of natural resources and environmental law.

Ms. Adeyemo is particularly interested in the relationship between energy generation, economic development, and environmental protection. She has written,
"The field of energy is of growing interest for me as I pursue my education. I recognize how integral energy is to the economic viability of any country but also realize that society needs to acknowledge the negatives associated with the ways energy has traditionally been acquired and used. It is extremely important that the various industries, governmental agencies along with everyday consumers broaden their conceptualization of energy with concern to future needs and a growing demand."
Don C. Smith, Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law (ENRL) program, said, "Ms. Adeyemo joins a long list of former recipients of this scholarship. We are delighted she has been recognized with this award, which was generously established by Colonel and Mrs. Laitos in support of the ENRL program."

Editor's note: Ms. Adeyemo, on the left, with Lucy Daberkow, Assistant Administrative Director for the ENRL Graduate Program.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joshua Epel, Chair of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, Speaks to Denver Law Students: Explains the Work of the PUC

Joshua Epel, Chair of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC), spoke recently to a standing room only crowd of Denver Law students about the work of the PUC as well as the importance of integrity as a defining element of professionalism.

Chairman Epel noted the broad range of firms the PUC regulates, including intrastate telecommunications services, investor-owned electric, gas, and water utilities. The PUC also has partial regulatory control over municipal and electric associations. In addition, he talked about specific topics such as how the PUC conducts business, the roles of the various parties in a regulatory hearing, the relationship between state and federal regulators, and challenges in determining what is in "the public interest."

His remarks also touched on the need for legal professionals to carry out their responsibilities in a manner characterized by civility and integrity.

Don C. Smith, director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law (ENRL) Program, said, "It was a great honor for Denver Law to host Chairman Epel. In many respects, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission is involved in cutting-edge issues, and thus we were able to benefit from the Chairman's observations about the utilities sector as well as the work of PUC. It was an additional benefit to hear Chairman Epel's observations about the need for professionalism as part of a practitioner's overall identity. We are delighted he was able to join us."

Chairman Epel's remarks were part of the ENRL Speaker Series, a regular gathering at Denver Law featuring professionals working in the environmental and natural resources fields.

Editor's note: Left to right in the picture, Professor K.K. DuVivier, PUC Chair Joshua Epel, 2L student Jeff Breidenbach, ENRL Director Don Smith, 1L student Laurie Strong.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

University of Denver Water Law Review Announces New Staff Members

The University of Denver Water Law Review has announced the newest additions to its editorial staff.

In making the announcement Matt Brodahl, Editor in Chief, said, "The Water Law Review accepted 21 new members this fall in what was one of the most competitive write-ons in recent memory. We are very excited to have such a great group of students joining the Water Law Review."

The new members are:

  • Andrea Aguilera-Moreno

  • Sarah Barth

  • Jonathan Culwell

  • Kelly DeLaney

  • Tyler Geisert

  • Elisabeth Hutchinson

  • Alan Kitchen

  • Amy Kho

  • Max Lawrie

  • Michael Lerch

  • Zachariah Lockwood

  • Patrick Peluso

  • Anthony Perko

  • Taylor Rork

  • Darin Smith

  • Robert Sykes

  • Winslow Taylor

  • Scott Thompson

  • Matthew Watson

  • Jessica Weiss

  • Jessica Zaegel
First published in 1997, the Water Law Review is a practical resource for lawyers, policy makers, and students. Continued involvement in the water law community allows the Review to stay current on developing water issues. Every issue includes up to date articles on developing water law issues, as well as several other useful and interesting resources such as biographies of water practitioners, book notes, conference reports, and coverage of water cases from all U.S. federal and state courts.

The Water Law Review is a student run journal. Students are responsible for the production of the journal, from the solicitation of articles to the final content editing and publishing. Students gain valuable experience in legal research, writing, management, and water law from their involvement on the Water Law Review.