Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome to the Spring 2013 Students

The ENRGP Program has accepted an impressive group of outstanding students to start in the Spring 2013 semester. The students come from a variety of backgrounds and locations making for a diverse and interesting group. We have students from China, Mexico and another from Saudi Arabia, a number of Colorado natives and many more from outside the state. The ENRGP Program is also happy to have accepted its first two JD students to participate in the joint JD and LLM program.
The incoming class all seemed motivated and excited to pursue a specialized course of study. The students' interests ranged from mining law, water law, conservation and sustainable development issues.
Classes start next Monday the 14th. We wish all of our students a successful and engaging semester! 
Welcome to DU College of Law and to the
Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Collaboration Needed in Solar Development and Urban Forestry

Professor DuVivier is featured in an interview in the above video discussing the conflicts that arise from the desire to have both trees and solar energy. Trees are an important part of a community providing economic, environmental and social benefits. However, trees can cause harm to these interests. Trees limit the productivity of solar panels when they shade the panels from direct sun light.

The video, A Million Trees and A Million Solar Roofs: Can We Have Both?, interviews a variety of arbor professionals as well as solar panel propenents. They break down the causes of conflicts and outline methods to reduce the conflicts to win-win solutions. Those interviewed in the video advocate increased awareness and education as a means to prevent conflicts from occuring.

The video was created by the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association's Solar Friendly Communities.

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant