Friday, August 8, 2014

Denver Law Graduates Feature Prominently in Major Public Policy Debate About Oil & Gas Development in Colorado

Two Denver Law graduates have been featured prominently in recent news coverage about the formation of a "blue ribbon" committee to be established by Gov. John Hickenlooper to address issues involving oil and gas development and Colorado communities.

Gov. Hickenlooper and Congressman Jarrod Polis have taken differing positions with regard to whether oil and gas development should be primarily regulated by state or local authorities.  Denver Law graduates Ryan Call, Colorado Republican Party Chair, and Pete Maysmith, Conservation Colorado Executive Director, have been quoted widely in the wake of an agreement between the governor, the congressman, and several state legislators that will remove four initiatives from the November ballot. 

According to Mr. Call, "Literally the only thing we know for that Gov. Hickenlooper, Congressman Jarrod Polis and Colorado Democrats want even more control over Colorado's already heavily regulated energy industry.  These additional regulations will cost the state thousands of jobs and million of dollars."

On the other hand, Mr. Maysmith said that Gov. Hickenlooper and Congressman Polis should be thanked for their efforts "to cease ballot initative efforts and work together towards long term solutions around issue of local control and oil and gas development."

Don Smith, director of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Program at Denver Law, said that the attention associated with Mr. Call and Mr. Maysmith's comments was a clear indication about the important public policy roles in which Denver Law graduates are involved.  "There are obviously differences of opinion on what direction the state should take. But something on which everyone can agree is the continuing important contributions of our graduates in what is one of the most important public policy debates in this state in a very long time."