Friday, October 5, 2012

The Environmental and Natural Resources Graduate Program will be attending the Idealist Grad Fair at the University of Colorado, Denver next Monday, the 8th from 5-8PM.

Idealist has been hosting Grad School Fairs across the country. These events are free and open to the public. Graduate schools with programs in areas such as public policy, international affairs, global and public health, theology, education, social work, nonprofit management, and environmental science. On Monday, they can add Environmental and Natural Resources Law to their list featured areas.

The event is free, but Idealist is anticipating large crowds. If you are intersted in attending and learning more about our program please RSVP.

Still not sure? Here is a short video of an Idealist Grad Fair.
If you are interested, but do not live in the Denver area, can locate a fair in your area.

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Presidential Debate has arrived!

President Obama and Mitt Romney will be meeting for the first of three debates scheduled. Coverage will begin at 7PM today. The debate will be 90 minutes long. DU is proud to host the event on campus. Students names were entered into a raffle and names were drawn for students to attend the event.

The campus has been going through security transformations all week. The entire area is blocked off and shut down including a portion of I25. More than 5,000 people are expected to attend DebateFest. This is a free outdoor event which will air the debate on giant screens. The event will also feature live music, family activities, tabling for organizations and a food truck rally.

“We’ve been told that since it is the first debate of the series, involving a sitting president and taking place at such a critical time for world and national affairs,” observes Chancellor Robert Coombe, “the debate at the University of Denver may be one of the highest-rated television programs in all of 2012, approaching the numbers of the Super Bowl.”

You can watch the debate live on C-SPAN's website.

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant

Monday, October 1, 2012

Graduate Program Directors Don Smith and Lucy Daberkow Welcome new students to Denver Law

Left to right: Annie Oman (MRLS student from US),
Professor Justin Pidot, Lucy Daberkow,
Sergio Sanz (LLM student from Mexico)

Left to right: Iman and Taim (wife and son of MRLS student Ayman from
Saudi Arabia), Lucy Daberkow and daughters,
Victoria Okweze (LLM student from
Nigeria), Isabel and Santi (wife and son of LLM student Matias from Chile)

Environmental and Natural Resources Law Graduate Program Directors Don Smith and Lucy Daberkow recently hosted a get together for all the new and continuing students in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy program.  Students from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and the US were in attendance.   The students enjoyed an evening of fun and conversation and had the opportunity to interact with several of their professors: Adjunct Prof. Bill Brady, Adjuct Prof. Ken Jones, Prof. Kevin Lynch, Prof. Justin Pidot, and Adjunct Prof. Andy Reid.

Several languages could be heard throughout the evening, reminding us of the wonderful diversity in our program.

"The purpose of these events is to provide an opportunity to make our students feel at home and allow them to connect with other students and professors, many of whom will undoubtedly become lifelong friends.  We are proud of our diversity at Denver Law, and we work each and every day to foster the inclusive links and professional and personal bonds that are the basis of respect and success in our modern world," Ms. Daberkow and Mr. Smith said.