Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 2014 Denver Law Environmental & Natural Resources Graduate Program Graduation: Eight Countries Represented

It's difficult to believe, but another graduation has taken place.  This year was another stellar one for Denver Law's Environmental & Natural Resources Graduate Program, with graduates coming from all around the world.  More specifically, the graduating class included individuals from:

Saudi Arabia
United States

In addition, two students who graduated with the top grade point average in their degree programs were recognized:

Master of Laws: Andrea Liniger
Master of Resource Law Studies: Amanda Nichols

Don Smith and Lucy Daberkow, who direct the graduate program, said, "For all of our graduates, graduation day marked an end and a beginning.  While we will miss seeing them, we will look forward to all the great things they will accomplish in their careers. It's also exciting to see our graduates form friendships that will last a lifetime."

Here are some of the happy graduates, their families and friends at the graduation ceremony and also at the graduation brunch hosted by Prof. Smith:

Don Smith, left, with Andrea Liniger, 2014 LLM graduate of Zurich, Switzerland,
 and her parents.

Don Smith, left, with Atheer Abdulaziz Al Jarboa, 2014 LLM
graduate of Saudi Arabia

Don Smith, left, with Khulan Amarsanaa,
2014 LLM graduate and originally from Mongolia,
and her father.

Lucy Daberkow, left, with Kristi Disney, 2011 JD and LLM
graduate, Andy Liniger and Sarah Smith, 2014 MRLS graduate.

Amelie Daberkow, left, with Lucy Daberkow, Emma Daberkow,
Katherine Beatty, current MRLS student from Perth,
Australia, Kristi Disney, Khulan Amarsanaa, and
Andy Liniger.