Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Book About Understanding "Electricity Choices"

Carol Sue Tombari, an expert in energy and environmental policy, has written a relatively short, but extremely insightful book about the electricity-related energy choices facing America.

In Power of the People: America's New Electricity Choices, Ms. Tombari asserts, "We must examine our current energy situation and understand where it's taking us. If we don't like the direction we're headed -- resource depletion, rising fuel costs, massive long-lived environmental and health damage, to name a few -- then we need to change where we're going."

Ms. Tombari, who is the manager of shareholder relations at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO, sets out the history of America's electricity system, where we are now, and the choices that lie ahead. While sympathetic to more aggressive development of renewables and energy efficiency, Ms. Tombari cautions that what she is talking about is more aptly described as an "evolution" as opposed to a "revolution." She calls for an "urgent evolution," marked by excitement and enthusiasm involving renewables and energy efficiency.

What makes the book such a useful resource is largely the result of Ms. Tombari's own record of experience. Before joining NREL she directed the state of Texas energy efficiency and renewable energy program. She has also served in a number of energy-related federal advisory posts.

This is a perfect book for anyone trying to understand the energy alternatives being discussed and debated today.

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