Monday, April 13, 2009

New U.S. Market for Energy Efficiency Credits?

The U.S. government and several states are considering establishing energy efficiency markets.

In this type of market, utilities would be directed to achieve a certain percentage of energy savings.  Credits would be issued when energy savings were achieved (e.g., by a utility company's customers).  If a utility did not achieve its target, then it could buy the credits to offset its lack of energy savings.  Once established, the credits could be sold on a secondary market.  
Today's Wall Street Journal (U.S. Plays Catch-Up in Efficiency Credits, April 13, 2009), reports that, "The nascent market for efficiency gains could explode if a federal program is created, but it is unclear whether Congress will act."
Currently, the state of Connecticut has such a program and several other states are considering similar ones.  

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