Friday, May 15, 2009

2008-2009: Outstanding Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Graduate Students

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law Student Awards Ceremony today marked a special event for many who will graduate tomorrow.

In the graduate program there are many high achieving and extremely talented individuals, but there can only be one Master's of Law (LLM) student and one Master's of Resource Law Studies (MRLS) student at the top of his or her respective group.

It gave me great pleasure on Friday to recognize before several hundred friends, family, and other students, the two students from our program who earned the highest grade point average as compared to his or her peers.

The top LLM student award went to David Southworth, and the top MRLS student award went to Julia Verdi.  David joins a select group of LLM graduates who have won this top honor.  Julia, on the other hand, has the satisfaction of knowing that she is the first MRLS student recognized with this award.

Tomorrow when David and Julia walk across the stage to receive their diplomas they will do so with the knowledge that their hard work, dedication, and commitment to success have earned them places in our program that will live on far into the future.       

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