Monday, June 1, 2009

MRLS Graduate Earns JD Degree, Graduates as a Member of "Order of St. Ives"

In some instances, Master's of Resource Law Studies graduates go on to seek their juris doctorate degrees.

Jonathan Thompson, who earned his MRLS degree in 2005, is one of those students. On May 16 he earned his JD degree. I hasten to note than Jonathan was recognized as a member of the Order of St. Ives, the JD program's highest academic award. He joined a group of 20 students who graduated with this honor.

It has been a long road (bearing in mind the two degrees) for Jonathan. All along the way he has been a valuable member of our community and has willingly spoken to MRLS students as well as participated in several orientation sessions during his years at DU.

We wish him all the best.

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