Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The highly-respected Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law is soliciting papers for publication.

The Journal, the publication of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law of the International Bar Association (SEERIL-IBA), is published on a quarterly basis and is the leading refereed journal in the field of energy and natural resources. The Journal covers oil and gas law, mining law, water law and energy law. The Journal is highly recognized in the academic world for the quality of the papers that it publishes.

Of particular interest to the DU environmental and natural resources law community is the fact that the Journal is distributed among all the members of the IBA-SEERIL (more than 2,200 practitioners with expertise in the field) as well as subscribed to by universities and private entities, thus ensuring a highly visible "platform" in which to publish.  

Patricia Nunez, a member of the editorial board and a distinguished mining lawyer in Santiago, Chile, recently mentioned to me, "I am certain that the University of Denver's professors, as well as students, may be interested in submitting papers for publication. Especially, bearing in mind that Denver is a highly recognized center with expertise in the energy and natural resources field."

I enthusiastically encourage anyone interested in publishing in this important journal to contact Professor Nigel Bankes at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law.

Guidelines for authors are available by clicking Publications - Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law Guidelines for Authors (JERL_Guidelines_for_Authors.pdf.

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