Thursday, April 15, 2010

DU Adjunct Law Professor William J. Brady Featured in British Airlines' "Be There Face to Face" Website

University of Denver Sturm College of Law Adjunct Prof. William J. Brady has been featured in British Airways' "Be There Face-to-Face" website that calls attention to business travelers who often fly BA.

Prof. Brady, who is also a partner at the Denver-based firm of Grimshaw & Harring, P.C., often travels to Europe on business and for speaking engagements.

According to Prof. Brady:
"British Airways last summer started a 'doing business face to face' promotion based on a Harvard Business School study emphasizing the importance of building personal relationships in marketing goods and services. I entered a BA competition and described Meritas, my law firm's international affiliation, and our firm, as well as my participation in speaking engagements abroad wherein I also promote DU and my role as an adjunct law professor. Recently I was advised that BA had decided to publish my profile, along with several others to be displayed on their website. To the best of my knowledge I am the only academic (but not the only lawyer) whom BA is currently featuring on their website."
Please click here to visit the BA website featuring Prof. Brady.

Lest it be said, the "world's favourite airline," as BA refers to itself (using, not surprisingly, the U.K. spelling of "favorite"), has recognized one of "DU's favorite adjunct professors."

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