Thursday, April 29, 2010

DU is Number One in Green Energy in the Sun Belt Conference; About One-Third of DU's Energy is Generated by Green Sources

The University of Denver is one of the top universities in the country in terms of using green power. In fact, DU ranked first among all of its rival universities in the Sun Belt Conference.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which administers a program that calculates universities' green energy usage, has estimated that DU's purchase of nearly 16 million kWh of green power was equivalent to the CO2 emissions from the electricity used by more than 1,000 average American homes each year or about 2,000 passenger cars. DU's amount of green energy was equal to nearly one-third of its entire energy consumption.

The EPA ranks U.S. collegiate athletic conferences by the total amount of green power used by their member schools. To be eligible, each school in the conference has to qualify as an EPA Green Power Partner and each conference has to collectively use at least 10 million kWh of green power.

Not to brag, but our nearby friendly rival the University of Colorado purchased just over 11 million kWh of green power, which put CU first among its rivals in the Big 12 Conference, but well behind DU. CU's purchase of green power was equal to about nine percent of its entire energy consumption.

As DU environmental law Prof. Rock Pring once so cleverly put it, "We practice what we teach at DU."

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