Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Ore Struck" as Described by the Financial Times: Rio Tinto's Problems Doing Business in China

Doing business in China is no easy task, particularly when it comes to economic sectors that have been identified by Beijing as being important to the country's future.

A recent article in the Financial Times ("Ore Struck," April 6, 2010) tells a cautionary tale for all who seek to do business in China. The article is about the conviction of several of mining giant Rio Tinto's employees who were working in China.

As the FT explains:
The conviction of miner Rio Tinto's former employees has heightened foreign companies' awareness of the risk of working in sectors strategically important to Beijing.
Reading the story is a must for any one or any company that plans to or is doing business in China. While huge profits may ensue from such activities, the risks are no less daunting.

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