Monday, May 3, 2010

Critical Climate Change and Water Law Issues Examined at the 2010 University of Denver Water Law Review Symposium

The important relationship between climate change and water law was considered recently at the 2010 DU Water Law Review Symposium, which was organized by the editors and staff of the University of Denver Water Law Review.

The symposium began with opening remarks by DU Law Professor George "Rock" Pring, a noted water law expert and Danielle Sexton, editor-in-chief of the Water Law Review.

Highlights during the symposium included:
  • Amy Beatie, Director of the Colorado Water Trust, talked about ethical issues in the water practice specifically involving appeals.
  • Prof. Dan Tarlock, an internationally recognized expert in environmental law and the law of water use of the Chicago-Kent School Law addressed water and climate change and the strategies for adaptation and mitigation.
  • Bart Miller, water program director for Western Resource Advocates explained the energy and water connection as it relates to oil shale development in Colorado.
The Water Law Review is an internationally circulated, semi-annual publication that serves as a high-quality forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and legal and policy analyses concerning water law.

According to Prof. Pring:
"First published in 1997, the Water Law Review is a practical resource for lawyers, policy makers, and students. Our continued involvement in the water law community allows us to stay current on developing water issues. Every issue includes up to date articles on developing water law issues, as well as several other useful and interesting resources such as biographies of water practitioners, book notes, conference reports, and coverage of water cases from all U.S. federal and state courts.

The Water Law Review is a student run journal. Students are responsible for the production of the journal, from the solicitation of articles to the final content editing and publishing. Students gain valuable experience in legal research, writing, management, and water law from their involvement on the Water Law Review."
Below are pictures taken at the conference.

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