Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Past and Future of America's High Plains? Wind Power Begins to Take Hold (Again) in Kansas

Trying to predict the future is, of course, not an easy task. Times change. Technology changes. People change.

But recently as I traveled across my home state of Kansas I was struck by the picture at the left. In the foreground is an "old fashioned" windmill, the type that has dotted America's High Plains for decades. These windmills provided the energy for pumping water for cattle and families before the electric grid was installed across the rural parts of the High Plains.

In the background are the newest generation of highly sophisticated wind mills, that are producing power for America's electric grid. These windmills are several in a string that run along the north side of Interstate 70 in the center of the state.

Yesterday and tomorrow captured in one picture. As a native of the Midwest it strikes me that modern wind power may be as important to the economic well-being of Kansas and other High Plains states as were yesterday's wind mills. Whether there is the political will to promote a rapid development of wind power in Kansas and its neighboring states is another matter entirely.

--Don Smith

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