Friday, June 4, 2010

Sturm College of Law LLM Students From Brazilian Take Part in Conference Addressing Brazil-U.S. Tax Issues

Recently two Brazilian LLM students, Leandra Zanqueta (on the left) and Taciana Marques (on the right), attended a Brazilian Conference promoted by the International Fiscal Association, USA-BRASIL Branch.

According to Ms. Marques:
"We had the pleasure to be the representatives of DU at the conference. During the conference we had the opportunity to discuss the challenges that both Brazil and USA have been facing to compose a bilateral agreement about taxation between the countries.

"There is an issue regarding the agreement between Brazil and US as regards the exchange of information relating to taxes. We also discussed the role of incorporating in the American state of Delaware for multinational companies, mainly related to the fact that so many Brazilian corporations are formed in Delaware. It was a entire panel discussing the acquisition of companies in both countries and the issues arising because of the Brazilian infrastructure development.

"All and all, this conference was important for Leandra and me to interact with the potential investors from Brazil and the U.S."

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