Monday, July 19, 2010

Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Development Law Luke Danielson and Two Sturm College of Law Students Featured in News Story

Gunnison, Colorado, attorney Luke Danielson, an expert on sustainable natural resources development law, was featured recently in a news article in his hometown newspaper, the Gunnison Country Times.

In "Small Operation Strives for Big Impact," Mr. Danielson explained the genesis of the Sustainable Development Strategies Group (SDSG) that works on matters of sustainable development in the natural resources extraction industries (e.g., mining, oil and gas projects).

This summer, Mr. Danielson, who teaches three sustainable development and natural resources-related courses that are part of the "Sustainable Natural Resources Development Series" at the Sturm College of Law, has employed one DU master's of law graduate and one DU law student to work on a model mining development agreement in conjunction with the International Bar Association's Mining Committee. The DU graduate is Charles Afeku, an official in the Ghanaian Mining Ministry, who graduated with an LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy in May. The DU law student is Kristi Disney, who will graduate next year with her juris doctorate degree as well as her LLM degree.

As Mr. Danielson told the Gunnison Country Times:
"Ultimately, the successful natural resource project of the future is one that meets international expectations, clearly benefits the nation [where the work is taking place], and which is good for the communities around it. That's a tall order given the ways we've done things in the past, but that's where we plan to go."
The next course in the Sustainable Natural Resources Development Series will be held in Denver Aug. 9-13. The one week short-course will involve an intensive assessment of community expectations in the context of natural resources development projects. The course will include a wide range of guest speakers as well as lectures by adjunct professors Mr. Danielson and Cecilia Dalupan, assistant director of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation. The course is open to all DU law students, law students from other law schools, industry officials, and other graduate level students. For more information, please contact Lucy Daberkow at

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