Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NREL Director Dan Arvizu Tells Economic Club of Kansas City, "Renewable Energy Can Help Reduce Oil Dependency"

Dan Arvizu, director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which is located about 25 minutes from the Sturm College of Law, said recently, "The profound implications of the Gulf oil spill offer still more proof that our nation must forge a new energy future -- one that should be, and can be, both environmentally and economically sustainable."

Speaking before the Economic Club of Kansas City, Dr. Arvizu did not discount the role of fossil fuels in today's American energy picture. But he also noted the serious longer-term consequences that the nation will face unless a strategic commitment is made to transitioning away from foreign fuel supplies.

Click here to read the full-text of Dr. Arvizu's remarks. Or click here to watch his remarks.

The Sturm College of Law is establishing itself as a leader among U.S. law schools in teaching about renewable energy policy, finance, and project development.

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