Tuesday, October 12, 2010

¡Lo logramos! Success!

¡Esta noche todos somos Chilenos!

Tonight, in every corner of the world from the highest peaks to the largest cities to the smallest farms and villages, we are all Chileans!

The first of the 33 miners trapped nearly 1/2 mile beneath the earth in Chile for 69 days has been rescued in the last few minutes. Of course there are 32 more miners needing to stand again on the surface of northern Chile.

However for this moment it is impossible for anyone in the world -- and especially anyone associated with natural resources -- not to be thrilled and emotional at the rescue of the first miner.

From all of us in Denver to all of our amigos and colleagues in Chile and across the world, we can think of only one thing to say:

¡Esta noche todos somos Chilenos!

Tonight we are all Chileans!

--Lucy Daberkow & Don Smith

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