Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Environmental and Natural Resources Law Certificate" Established by Sturm College of Law; Certificate Reflects Long-Standing Strength of DU Program

A "Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law" is now available for University of Denver Sturm College of Law students who meet certain criteria as established by the faculty of law.

The Certificate "is intended to acknowledge a path of specialized learning within the JD program. As such, it is a supplement to the basic JD degree," Don C. Smith, Director of the ENRL program said.

All enrolled law students in good standing are eligible for the ENRL Certificate. Please click here to learn more about the requirements for earning the certificate.

Graduates who earn the certificate will have this so noted on their diploma as well as on their transcript.

The establishment of the ENRL Certificate reflects the long-standing strength of the College of Law ENRL program "which is one of the oldest and most extensive environmental and natural resources law programs in the nation," Mr. Smith said. "For a century, the program, our faculty, and our students have provided leadership in the development, understanding, and application of environmental and natural resources law and in related fields."

Students who earn the certificate will benefit from an enhanced all around exposure to the College of Law's courses and will be seen in the market place as having special expertise, thus improving their competitive advantage in the job search process.

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