Thursday, February 17, 2011

DU to Host 2011 Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit: Law Professor K.K. DuVivier Forms Panel of Experts to Consider "Urban Eating"

The University of Denver will host the 2011 Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit at the DU campus on February 17 and 18, 2011.

Sturm College of Law Professor K.K. DuVivier coordinated a panel of DU experts who will discuss “Urban Eating,” improving communities through more sustainable ways of obtaining food. The Urban Eating session will be in Driscoll 1880 from 2:35 to 3:45 p.m. on Friday. Summaries of each session can be accessed by clicking here.

Professor DuVivier, who teaches Energy Law, will provide a framework describing the role of energy in the production and consumption of food. DU Professor David Ciepley will discuss his experiences establishing a student garden on the DU campus. Erin Hough, a 4th year DU undergraduate student will discuss her efforts to bring more sustainable food to the DU campus. Law student Jeffrey John enlisted JD Sawyer, an expert in aquaponics, to talk to those attending the session. Mr. John will discuss the new College of Law student group FARM’s efforts to promote urban gleaning, edible urban landscapes, and other urban agricultural issues.

Sturm College of Law Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Federico Cheever, was one of the founders of the university-wide Sustainability Council at DU, and he served as its first chair.

Don C. Smith, Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program said, "Studying and researching the law and policy implications of sustainability is a growing field. We are fortunate at the College of Law to having two of the leading voices in this field -- Professors Cheever and DuVivier -- who have contributed a great deal to our understanding of the issues, both at a local level and in a wider perspective."

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