Friday, February 25, 2011

Video Interview With Justice Brian Preston, Chief Judge of Pioneering New South Wales, Australia, Land and Environment Court

Justice Brian Preston, Chief Judge of the New South Wales, Australia, Land and Environment Court, was recently interviewed by Don C. Smith, Director of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program.

To see a streaming video of the interview, please click here.

Justice Preston last week visited the Sturm College of Law to share his insights and observations about the Land and Environment Court, one of the world's first environmental courts.

In the interview, Mr. Smith asks Justice Preston about the following issues:
  • History of the Land and Environment Court
  • Importance of the Court being a Superior Court of Record
  • Access to justice and public participation in the context of the Court's work
  • How expert testimony is handled
  • The Court's unique judicial and executive functions
Justice Preston's observations in the interview are particularly important in understanding the roles of specialized environmental courts. Professor George (Rock) Pring, a globally respected professor of Environmental Law at the Sturm College of Law has written, "Justice Preston is a global leader and educator in the environmental courts and tribunals arena," as well as a jurist who has "developed a comprehensive vision for the problem solving environmental courts and tribunals of the future. He terms it 'the multi-door courthouse.'"

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