Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation International Institute in Brazil: DU Environmental and Natural Resources Program Strength on Display

Recently the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, one of the world's premier organizations bringing together natural resources practitioners, held a Special Institute on International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development and Investment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Foundation, in conjunction with the International Bar Association Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law, assembled an exceptional program that addressed key developments in the natural resources sector. Special emphasis was placed on developments in South America, but there were also presentations and panel discussions about events taking place all over the world.

The conference attracted more than 350 delegates, most of whom were from South America. The Rio Institute, the first held in Brazil by the Foundation, was deemed a major success by all who attended.

Not surprisingly, DU Law was well represented at the event, a further recognition of the strength and international reach of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy program at the College of Law. Just a few examples of topics covered provide an indication of the richness of the program:
  • Investment Protection and the Rise of Sovereign Powers

  • Carbon Emission Reduction Opportunities in the Mining and Oil & Gas Industries

  • International Mineral and Oil & Gas Development Trends

  • E&P in Brazil

  • Mining Taxation and Royalties

  • Decommissioning of Oil and Gas Facilities
And the list goes on and on. Of particular note were the individuals who had Denver Law affiliations and were part of the program:
  • Elizabeth Bastida, a professor at the University of Dundee, Scotland, and a world recognized expert on Mining Law who has taught in the Sustainable Natural Resources Development Series at DU

  • Pedro Serrano Espelta, a partner at Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has served as a mentor for DU Law students externing at his firm in Argentina

  • Mark T. Nesbitt, a partner with Fognani & Faught LLC, and a former adjunct professor at DU Law

  • Luke Danielson, a principal with Sustainable Development Strategies Group, and a current adjunct at DU Law

  • Daniel P. Altikes, a graduate of the DU Law LLM program and now an attorney with Antofagasta Minerals S.A. in Santiago, Chile

  • Miguel I Rivero, a graduate of the DU Law LLM program and now a partner with Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque in Caracas, Venezuela

  • James F. Cress, a JD graduate of DU Law and a frequent guest speaker at the law school and a partner at Holme Roberts & Owen

  • Luis Carlos Rodrigo, partner with Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano Abogados in Lima, Peru, co-chair of the IBA Mining Law Committee, and adjunct professor at DU Law

  • Florencia Heredia, partner with HOLT Abogados in Buenos Aires, Argentina, senior vice-chair of the IBA Mining Law Committee, and adjunct professor at DU Law
If it sounds as if DU Law played a big role in this event, you are absolutely right. The photos that accompany this posting also illustrate just a few of the DU Law community of graduates at the conference. From top to bottom: (1) Francisco Corona, Marcelo Olivares (LLM graduates from Chile), Diego Parravicini, Leonardo Rodriguez (LLM graduates from Argentina), Don Smith, Carolina Crespo (LLM graduate from Argentina); (2) Florencia Heredia, Luis Carlos Rodrigo (DU Law Adjunct Professors); (3) Luke Danielson, Elizabeth Bastida (DU Law Adjunct Professors); (4) Diego Parravicini, Don Smith, Carolina Crespo, Nino Coppero (current LLM student from Peru).

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