Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Allison Altaras and Matt Brodahl Named Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute 2011 Student Award Winners

Two Denver Law students, Allison Altaras and Matt Brodahl, received the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute/Sturm College of Law Award at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute Conference held recently at the University of Denver.

The annual award recognizes students who academic achievement and community service while in law school demonstrate outstanding potential for impact in the sustainable development field. Ms. Altaras and Mr. Brodahl received a cash award from the Denver law firm of Isaacson Rosenbaum.

William Shutkin, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute, said, "Matt and Allison have excelled in both the classroom and their work with the Institute. Their passion for the field and commitment to pursuing careers related to sustainable development make them the perfect choice for the award. They are tomorrow's land leaders, and will help us find ways to live more responsibly and equitably on the planet."

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