Monday, May 9, 2011

Juliet Briggs, 2010 Denver Law LLM Graduate, Passes New York Bar Exam and Prepares to Return to Government Service in her Home Country Nigeria

Juliet Briggs, a 2010 LLM Graduate from the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Graduate Program at Denver Law, has passed the New York bar examination.

Ms. Briggs, who graduated with First Class Honors from her law school in Nigeria, will return to Nigeria after she is sworn in as a member of the New York Bar.

"I would love to return to my country to put into practice the many things I learned here in the U.S. and especially at the University of Denver," Ms. Briggs said. "My government sponsored me to come here," she said, "and I can think of no greater way of expressing my gratitude than service to my country."

Prior to coming to Denver Law, Ms. Briggs served with the Attorney-General of Rivers State Ministry of Justice.

Don C. Smith, Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program said Ms. Briggs was clearly looking ahead when she decided to take the New York bar exam. "She has told me, 'I believe no knowledge is a waste. And besides, there are American companies in Nigeria and having the prestigious New York bar license will place me in a more favorable position than other applicants should I ever apply for a job.'

"Juliet has prepared herself to make a major contribution to her own country of Nigeria as well as the world more generally. All of us at Denver Law are excited about Juliet's future and thrilled with her success with the New York bar."

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