Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michael Harris, Director of the Denver Law Envionmental Law Clinic, Comments on "Shingle Mountain, Colorado"

Michael Harris, Assistant Professor at Denver Law and Director of the Environmental Law Clinic, writes in a recent issue of the High Country News about "Shingle Mountain, Colorado," a 30 foot pile of old roofing shingles that is causing concern in north Denver.

In "Welcome to Shingle Mountain, Colorado," Professor Harris notes that "if properly managed, shingle recycling presents very few, if any, environmental concerns.

"But when such recycling is not properly managed, you get a situation like Shingle Mountain."

Old asphalt shingles, Professor Harris points out, are a potential fire hazard and may contain both polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and asbestos.

To read his full posting and watch a video about what action the Environmental Law Clinic is taking to remedy the mountain, please click here.

Editor's note: DU Law students Stephanie Fairbanks (left) and Eric R. Wilson (center) meet with former city council candidate Juanita Gable (right) near Shingle Mountain (in the background).

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