Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marcus Oscarsson, Recognized Authority on EU and U.S. Politics and Swedish Government Official, to Participate in "EU Environmental Law" Course

Marcus Oscarsson, a recognized Swedish observer of EU and U.S. politics, will moderate a discussion board about European Union environmental politics and related issues in this summer's Denver Law course offering "European Union Environmental Law & Policy."

He is a long-time contributor to Denver Law's European Union-related courses, having first been a guest lecturer in 2004 and every year since.

Mr. Oscarsson, who works for the Swedish Government, has a background in economics and journalism. He covers Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden for The Times and Sunday Times of London.

Mr. Oscarsson is also a respected authority about U.S. politics. In this regard he has spoken about U.S. presidential campaigns, U.S. elections, and Transatlantic relations at the Swedish Parliament, the Swedish Ministries for Foreign Affairs and Defense, the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Don C. Smith, the director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program at Denver Law, teaches "European Union Law & Policy" and "EU Environmental Law & Policy." He has asked Mr. Oscarsson to be a part of all of his EU courses.

"Marcus has a unique perspective about the Transatlantic Relationship. On one hand, he is European and a citizen of the EU. But on the other hand, he is one of most perceptive individuals I have ever met -- in the EU or U.S. -- when it comes to evaluating the big issues that involve American politics. Consequently, he is perfectly positioned to talk about the Transatlantic relationship in a manner that combines an understanding of both political systems.

"Students who have been taught by Marcus rave about his insight as well as his ability to explain complicated issues in a more understandable fashion. I think this is due in large part to his experience closely following U.S. governmental issues for more than a decade," Mr. Smith said.

Denver Law is one of the handful of US law schools that offers a course in EU environmental law. This is a particularly important course since the EU is widely recognized as being the world leader in terms of climate change policy, chemicals regulation, and recycling and disposal of electronic wastes.

"EU Law & Policy" is taught completely on-line so that students can participate in the course from across the U.S. and the world.

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