Monday, July 11, 2011

Public Utilities Regulation, Intensive One-Week Three-Credit Course, Kicks Off Today

A new one-week three-credit intensive course, Public Utilities Regulation, begins today at Denver Law. The course will present law practitioners with recent innovations in the economics and policy of utility regulation.

The course is being taught by two experts in the field, Dr. Catherine Keske, an Assistant Professor of Resource Eonomics at Colorado State University, and Matthew Futch, Utilities Program Manager at the Colorado Governor's Energy Office.

Students will learn the social science of utility regulation, and will gain insight into how utility regulation is conducted in the state of Colorado and in the United States. On the last day of class students will participate in student-led debates on utility regulation issues.

Don C. Smith, Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program at Denver Law, said, "Students in this course will benefit from the expertise of Dr. Keske and Mr. Futch, both highly recognized figures in the area of utilities regulation. Moreover, students will benefit from guest lectures from individuals in the industry and government sectors who are involved with utility regulation. Put simply, the course will bring together a perfect combination of expertise and timely consideration of the key issues being faced by utilities and those who regulate them."

Public Utilities Regulation is another in a series of one-week intensive courses that are being offered by Denver Law. The courses allow students an opportunity to learn from experts who would not otherwise be available in a regular semester course format.

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