Monday, August 22, 2011

Justin Pidot, Assistant Professor at Denver Law, Weighs in on Delisting of Gray Wolf

Denver Law Assistant Professor Justin Pidot weighed in last week about Congress's decision to reinstate the delisting decision of the gray wolf in the mountain west.

Professor Pidot's comments came on the blog Legal Planet, a collaboration between the Univeristy of California Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law. Legal Planet provides insight and analysis on energy and environmental law and policy.

Professor Pidot wrote in part, "...[S]tepping back from the arcane separation of powers questions dominant in the legal case, I think we ill-serve the Endangered Species Act and biodiversity conservation more generally when we object too strenuously to delisting canus lupis."

To read Professor Pidot's comments, please click here.

Professor Pidot teaches Environmental Law and Property Law.

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