Tuesday, November 8, 2011

International Students in Environmental and Natural Resources Law Graduate Program Enjoy an (Early) American Thanksgiving

Nine different countries were represented at a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at my house last Sunday.

The wide diversity of Denver Law's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Graduate Program is one of the many attributes that makes our program unique, and last Sunday we had a chance to recognize and celebrate that diversity.

Students from Brazil, China, Ghana, Japan, Peru, Russia, and Saudi Arabia were able to join Lucy Daberkow, associate administrative director for the program, and me, as we introduced the students to what a typical American Thanksgiving is like, complete with turkey and Denver Broncos football!

As it turned out, we also enjoyed great food and drinks from many of these countries in a setting more conducive to chatting than a typical busy day at the law school.

International students add an enormous richness to our program and to Denver Law more generally. They are both curious and resourceful. For many of the students, this is their first time in the U.S.

It is wonderful to watch them grow, develop, and gain confidence in themselves as their expertise deepens in environmental and natural resources law. Similarly, it is also a pleasure to learn from them and to hear about their countries and traditions.

Needless to say, these experiences continue to remind me how much we have in common together despite the fact that each of us comes from a different corner of the world and has a different life experience. The reality is that those who share an interest in learning oftentimes share a related interest in knowing about those they are less familiar with.

These students represent the next generation of leaders, both regionally and globally. It was a delight to host them at my home on Sunday.

Don Smith
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Graduate Program

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