Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Father Alphonsus Ihuoma, December 2011 LLM Graduate, Visits Sturm College of Law

It was a great pleasure to welcome Alphonsus Ihuoma, a Sturm College of Law LLM graduate of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy (ENRL) program back to Denver recently.

Alphonsus Ihuoma, who hails from Nigeria and is a Nigerian trained barrister, is also a Catholic priest. During his time in the ENRL program, Father Ihuoma served as pastor of the Our Lady of Guadalupe St. Patrick Parish in La Junta, Colorado, which is about 100 miles southeast of Denver. Father Ihuoma continues as pastor there.

Father Ihuoma is an inspiration to all who care about the fair and responsible development of natural resources that respects the environment and, perhaps most importantly, the rights of the communities in which this development takes place. On one hand, he is a religious leader, but on the other he is also a keen legal thinker. It seems likely that his future will include the combination of these two passions, a development that will surely benefit all those in whom the Father comes in contact.

Godspeed to the good Father.
Don C. Smith
Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Editor's note: In picture above, Lucy Daberkow is on far left, Father Ihuoma is in center, and Don Smith is on right.

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