Friday, May 25, 2012

Chilean LLM Graduates Meet at Dinner in Santiago

Left to right: Ricardo Ihnen and wife, Francisco Corona, Don Smith,
Fernanda Bravo, Carla Araya, Bernardo Correa B, and
Alejandro Canut de bon 
Five Santiago, Chile alumni of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Graduate Program at Denver Law recently gathered in Santiago to have dinner with Don Smith, the program's director.

The Graduate Program has been quite popular with Chilean lawyers. As of May 2012, 14 lawyers from Santiago have earned Master's in Law degrees from Denver Law.

The graduates work for a range of top law firms and mining companies.  In addition, many of the graduates teach about natural resources or environmental law in Santiago.

"It was a great pleasure to have dinner with such a wonderful group of University of Denver alums," Mr. Smith said.  "Looked at broadly, the contributions that this group has and will continue to make to Chile and to South American law is impressive and inspiring.  We are looking forward to watching this group of professionals develop and contribute even further to Chile, one of the world's real success stories."

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