Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boulder Voters Prioritize Environmental Concerns

President Obama was elected for a second term last night. We are looking forward to seeing what his reelection means for environmental concerns in our nation.  Most notably, the Production Tax Credit, which is set to expire at the end of this year and would have an effect many efforts in CO.
Voters in Boulder made two loud environmental declarations at the voting booths last night. Voters approved a five-year extension of the city’s Climate Action Plan tax and a twenty-year extension of its 0.25% sales tax for parks and recreation. 

The Climate Action Plan tax on energy use allows the city to continue renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Tax revenue provides rebates, credits and energy audits for businesses and homeowners.
"It's really heartening to see that Boulderites supported it so heavily, which keeps Boulder in the forefront of the world with the actions we're taking," Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum said. "It allows us to continue as a model for other communities in terms of programs that are cost-effective and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are just a good return on investment."
The Boulder Parks and Recreation tax was approved by an even higher margin. The tax was set to expire in 2015, but city officials wanted to provide for more stability in long term planning. The Parks and Recreation tax generated $7.1 million for parks are recreation in 2012 and contributes 27% of the parks department budget. The tax is now set to expire in 2035. Boulder will see continued improvement to its parks and recreation facilities.
It is exciting to see environmental issues on the ballot and even more exciting to see that the residents of Boulder put such a high value on the condition of their environment. Let's hope the trend of democratic movements toward sustainability and environmental contentiousness continues.
Angelica M. Oman
Graduate Program Assistant

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