Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Diego Parravicini, 2008 LLM Graduate

Diego Parravicini pictured 
during graduation in 2008
Diego Parravicini, 2008 LLM Graduate from the DU College of Law's Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program and a Senior Attorney [here’s link to his URL] with Estudio Beccar Varela in Buenos Aires, has just published a paper “Sustainability and CSR in Argentina: An Analysis Within Argentine Company Law.”  It can be accessed by clicking here.

Mr. Parravicini, whose paper was published by the prestigious University of Oslo Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series, writes, “The beginning of the 1990s in Argentina marked a starting point for a new trend in sustainability, which led to the enactment of stringent environmental regulations and the incorporation of environmental concerns into the National and provincial Constitutions.  However, the scope of this reform concerning sustainability did not extend to Argentine company law.  To date, Argentine company law does not provide for any specific and/or direct requirements in connection with sustainability…The present paper will not only provide an analysis of the barriers identified by such scholars, but also propose ways in which sustainability could be promoted through Argentine company law.”

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