Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Professor Smith and Students Hike at Elk Meadows Park

Professor Smith took students on a tour of Elk Meadows Park in Evergreen, CO last Saturday, the 30th. Students met at the park and played a quick game of bocce ball while waiting for everyone to arrive. Despite lingering snow in some areas of the park, the students had a great time walking in the sunshine and getting to know each other. It was a great opportunity to foster the love of nature we all share in the ENRGP community.

Lise-Anne McLaughlin brought her sister and their dog, Millie. Millie provided entertainment for the whole group, chasing down sticks and running around the group. During the hike, the group admired an old building in an open field and then spent time climbing a fallen tree.
After the three hour hike, the students reconvened at Professor Smith's house for dinner. Students were invited to attend both the hike or the dinner as their schedules allowed. Many students brought their significant others as well as their children. There was a flurry of activity among the seven children in attendance. Woody, from Toy Story, was also in attendance, whipping his hat around like a true cowboy. (Ayman Alghamdi's son came dressed in a Woody costume.)
We hope that we can continue to host events such as this and that even more students will join in the opportunity to learn and grow from each other! Thank you to everyone who attended then event!

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