Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kimberly Jackson Accepts Colorado Oil and Gas Planner Position

Kimberly Jackson, LLM'13 recently accepted a position in the CO Department of Public Health and Environment. She will be serving as the state's Oil and Gas Planner. Congratulations to Ms. Jackson for obtaining an exciting and demanding new position!

Ms. Jackson shared the following with Administrative Director, Lucy Daberkow:

"I recently accepted a position with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as the state’s Oil and Gas Planner. Colorado currently has in excess of 50,000 active oil and gas wells, with many more anticipated to become operational over the next few years. My primary responsibility is to collaboratively engage with local and federal governmental entities, community groups, operators, and other interested stakeholders to ensure that oil and gas operations are conducted in a way that allows for the safe exploration and production of oil and gas while simultaneously ensuring the protection of our environmental resources as well as the health and safety of everyone that lives, works, and recreates in our beautiful state.

My LL.M. studies have afforded me the opportunity to learn so much about the laws, policies, regulations, and administrative aspects that govern the work that I will engage in on behalf of the state. From natural resource and environmental law to principles of sustainable development, land use, petroleum transactions, and—most importantly for me right now—oil & gas law and mining law, the wide array of course offerings that I took as a student were invaluable in allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of not only the law, but the manner in which these laws influence the way we think about natural resources and the environment on a local, regional, national, and international scale.

Now that my role has evolved from a student of natural resources and environmental law to a practitioner, I realize just how much benefit I gained from the incredible course offerings and first-class instruction that I received during my time in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program. I know without question that what I have learned during my time in the program as both a J.D. and an LL.M. student will serve me well as I begin to engage with numerous others in our state and in our region about the emerging issues of energy development, environmental protections, and public health. "

Congratulations to Ms. Jackson from the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program! We are sure that she will experience great success in her new position!

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