Friday, August 30, 2013

Colorado Unveils New Logo and Nature-centric Slogan

Just yesterday, state officials released Colorado's new logo and slogan as part of Colorado's new brand during the Colorado Innovation Network Summit. Contrary to popular belief, Colorado has never had a unified brand. The creation of the new brand is one of Governor Hickenlooper's "Colorado Blueprint" for economic development.

The new logo has been dubbed the "Peak," a green triangle representing Colorado's mountains and upward momentum in multiple areas of the economy. The new slogan, "It's Our Nature" highlights the common goal of Coloradans to achieve greatness and enjoy the outdoors. See below for the release video:
State officials released a statement describing the new brand as the most ambitious branding effort undertaken by any state. The process included a combination of public and private support. The unveiling marked the completion of a 12 month public engagement campaign where information was gathered from thousands within and outside of Colorado. Funding was made available through corporate sponsors, and the work of individuals and freelancers, contributing to pro bono services valued at $1.5 million. The Statewide Internet Portal Authority and the Colorado Tourism office contributed  $800,000.

It is hoped that the new brand will help stimulate the economy and streamline statewide programs. Aaron Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer for the Sate of Colorado, stated, "This brand will not only help Colorado attract talent and jobs, but also save public dollars by eliminating the need to manage individual brands for each agency and department in state government."

The state official release estimated that the new state brand could save state agencies such as the CDOT as much as $300,000 per year in marketing expenses. Now, consider that savings across the state's 22 agencies and the savings really add up. The problem was that state agencies were using the Colorado flag logo which is public domain and as such could be used by anyone in whatever context.

Many have already criticized the new logo, whether they liked the image borrowed from the flag or if they feel the new logo looks like a haz-mat symbol, it has met mixed reviews. Even the new slogan, "It's Our Nature" has met conflict. The criticism is that it is too close to Cabella's slogan, "It's in Your Nature" (click here for Cabella's slogan video). This is a timely conflict as Cabella's recently opend two large stores along the I 25 corridor.

While the new logo is nature-centric and promotes Colorado's beautiful natural settings, some fear a conflict with Cabella's. Colorado conservation groups and recreationists depend upon the recreation industry's contributions toward preserving our state's natural qualities. Will the new brand endanger the long standing interdependent relationship between preservation and use? Only time will tell, but for now, let's celebrate that Colorado's natural settings are being prioritized.

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant

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