Friday, August 23, 2013

Governor Discusses Colorado Water Crisis

View of Colorado River Basin from the Needles Overlook.
Photo Courtesy of Christie
Governor John Hickenlooper addressed the Colorado Water Congress' summer conference earlier this week at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort. In his address, he stated, "The truth is Colorado is facing a water crisis."

Hickenlooper highlighted the growing demand for water which has made water management a difficult task. Colorado is ranked among the states with the highest population growth rates. This has placed a heavy strain on the state's water resources and requires the creation and implementation of a long term, comprehensive water resource management plan.

Hickenlooper took action in May, when he signed an order which instructed the Colorado Water Conservation Board to determine an action plan. Each basin will develop a water resource plan that will account for the particular resource conditions and the needs of the area. Hickenlooper stated that he will use his position as chairman of the Western Governor's Association to help create a more comprehensive regional plan.

To read more about Governor Hickenlooper's address, visit the Steamboat Today article here.

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