Friday, September 13, 2013

Colorado Moves Toward an "All of the Above" Energy Strategy

A wind turbine blade installed in CO.
Xcel Energy filed a proposal with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to increase its use of renewable energy sources. Xcel will nearly triple its solar power capacity and increase its amount of wind power. If approved, the plan would cut Xcel's carbon dioxide emissions by one third the levels of 2005.

The new proposal is the result of intense bidding from renewable energy developers. Most renewable energy development projects aren't able to compete with the cost effectiveness of natural gas. The robust competition and competitive costs to renewable energy projects in Colorado is exciting to see. Xcel's plan to include more renewable energy at a utilities scale is a big step toward an "All of the Above" energy strategy.

The hope is that with a more diverse energy portfolio, Colorado can begin to significantly reduce the environmental effects of energy development. The diversity of energy sources has led Xcel to also consider shutting down the last coal-fired power plant by the end of 2013.

Angelica Oman
Graduate Program Assistant

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