Friday, October 18, 2013

New Specialization in Sustainability Offered

We are pleased to announce that students in the Environmental and Natural Resources Graduate Program (ENRGP) can now apply for a new specialization in Sustainability Law and Policy!

Sustainability has become increasingly popular as companies and individuals strive to reduce their impact on the environment. Corporate sustainability has expanded and many organizations now have large teams devoted to incorporating sustainable methods into the business. These teams address issues regarding resource depletion, supply chain sustainability, as well as generation of energy savings and consumer behavior habits.

The sustainability sector offers a variety of careers options for students to pursue. Students are able to apply their degree to sustainable international development, others focus on corporate social responsibility or green marketing. Sustainability is in demand and the type of employment is open to the individual's skills and preferences.

Students in the ENRGP are able to choose from a selection of courses to obtain the Sustainability Law and Policy specialization. These courses range from Corporate Social Responsibility to National Legislation and Policy for the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources.

Assistant Director Lucy Daberkow shared, "We strive to offer our students the most up to date and relevant course choices. Creating a  specialization in Sustainability allows  students to focus their studies in an area that is of the most importance at the local, national, and global levels. The study of topics such as Global Warming, Sustainable Development of Natural Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability prepares today's students to be the leaders of a more prosperous and green future. "

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