Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation to Hold Special Institute on Renewable Energy November 7-8 in Las Vegas

The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (RMMLF) will sponsor a Special Institute on "Renewable Electric Energy: Law, Development, and Investment," in Las Vegas on November 7-8, 2013

The Special Institute will examine state and federal policies and regulations driving development of renewable power projects, and discuss project management as a coordinated whole. Among those associated with Denver Law who are involved with the Special Institute include Professor K.K. DuVivier, Adjunct Professor Bob Noun, Adjunct Professor Mark Safty, and former Practitioner in Residence Rebecca Watson.

Don Smith, Director of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law program at Denver Law said, "There is no finer organization when it comes to issues related to natural resources than the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.  Their conferences are second to none.  Denver Law is delighted to co-sponsor this important conference."

More information about the Special Institute can be found by clicking here.

Denver Law is a constituent organization of the RMMLF.

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