Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Students Review Third Annual Renewable Energy Law and Policy Summit

Last month, the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program held its annual Renewable Energy Law and Policy Summit. The all day event featured over a dozen speakers and focused on renewable energy law and policy, opportunities and challenges.

Students in Professor K. K. DuVivier's Energy Law class were sponsored to attend the event and wrote summaries of each session. The students have agreed to share their reviews of the sessions on our blog. If you are interested in a particular session, feel free to click the links below and read more about the topics!

Third Annual Renewable Energy Law and Policy Summit Reviews

U.S. Renewable Energy Policy During the President's Second Term: What Have We Accomplished and Where are We Going?
~Steve Black
Renewable Energy in China and China-U.S. Cooperation/ Competition
~Jeff Logan, Adam Reed, Clay Stranger,
Moderated by Mark Safty
The 21st Century Electricity Grid- National Policy and Western Perspectives
~Linda Davis, Jennifer Gardner, Robert Henke,
Moderated by Alex Daue
 Renewables and the Utility Sector: My Perspective
~Marc Manly
After the Gold Rush: What's Next for Federal Renewable Energy? 
~Marcilynn Burke, Albert Ferlo, Heidi VanGenderen,
Moderated by Rebecca Watson
Renewable Portfolio Standards: Mixing it Up on the Energy Front
~John Eick, Todd Foley, Cathy Proctor,
Moderated by K. K. DuVivier

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