Friday, January 10, 2014

Spring Semester Officially Starts on Monday

Sturm College of Law Building
Photo Courtesy of Great Degree

Fall semester's final exam period ended on December 17th of 2013. Providing students in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program with the last three weeks to relax, visit with family and friends and reclaim hobbies lost during finals.

Students are preparing themselves for another semester, which begins Monday. This will be the final semester for many of our students. They are excited to be taking their final few courses and to see their degree within reach. We wish them the best in their final semester and hope that they will take advantage of opportunities to connect with their classmates and attend many of the great conferences taking place this spring.

A new group of students is also joining the program on Monday. The new students participated in orientation yesterday. During their orientation, they were able to meet many of the faculty and staff who will assist them through their graduate education. We hope these students are excited to begin a new chapter in Denver and that they take the time to get to know the wonderful people of the College of Law.

Have a wonderful spring semester!

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