Friday, February 7, 2014

Delays Concerning Protecting Wolverines in the West

Photo of a Wolverine
Photo Courtesy of Marie Hale
The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS) is delaying its decisions on whether to protect wolverines under the Endangered Species Act. The agency was expected to release a ruling by next Tuesday regarding the status of the wolves. Instead, the US FWS announced it would delay its decision until August 4th.

The delayed decision comes during disputes over the soundness of the science that would be used to make the decision. Specific concerns take issue with the impacts of climate change on the wolverines' snow-covered habitat.

The delay corresponds to the trend of western states slowing the process of Endangered Species listing. However, there are fewer than 300 wolverines in the lower 48 states and are located in remote locations from Washington state to Colorado.

For more information about the history and threats facing the wolverine, visit the US FWS website here.

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