Friday, February 21, 2014

Obama Administration Pushes for More Efficient Delivery Trucks

Safeway Delivery Truck
Photo Courtesy Paul Sullivan 
President Barack Obama spoke on Tuesday regarding climate change and linked it to a need for reduced fuel consumption. He stated that his administration intends to create stronger fuel-efficiency standards in March of 2016 for delivery trucks.

Heavy-duty, delivery trucks currently comprise just 4% of the vehicles on the nation's roadways, yet are responsible fore about 20% of the climate changing gases created by the transportation sector. President Obama sees this as an opportunity to enact meaningful climate change.

He outlined three powerful benefits/incentives for the reduced emission standards during his speach on Tuesday: 1) The U.S. will become less dependent on imported oil. 2) The reduced shipping costs will translate into savings for consumers. 3) The reduced emissions will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, which is blamed for global warming.

Safeway has set itself as a leader on the issue; spending money on cleaner, more efficient trucks.The company has also improved truck aerodynamics and is using better tires and trailers. Safeway has long been committed to operating its business in the most environmentally responsible and fuel efficient manner.

The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency are currently developing new standards for the 2018 vehicle model year. The new, March 2016 emission standards would exist in addition to the yearly model standards.

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